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About this site

Welcome to my personal site. It was created to share my experiences in software development and .NET platform in particular in the hope that it will be helpful for someone else. I’m always learning, and there’s always more to know, so if you think there’s something I have missed, have got wrong, or would benefit from, please do send a comment, or drop me a message - it’ll be greatly received!

About me

My name is Oleksandr Martyniuk. I am a full-time software developer, working mostly in backend development in Stockholm, Sweden. I graduated with an MS in Software Engineering from Kherson National Technical University in Ukraine. I have experience primarily with C#, ASP.NET and AWS. My main area of knowledge is web services, distributed systems and databases. I love simple solutions, clean code, and I want to help people to solve their problems.

Now I am looking for a job in Canada and willing to relocate so If you have some opportunities for me please reach me out.


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me at email.